Brake Calipers

I offer two levels of service for brake calipers:



A rebuild will involve the calipers being fully disassembled and inspected for damage or wear, calipers will be cleaned and all the rubber seals and bleed nipples replaced. The calipers will be returned in fully working order.

If the calipers are refurbished they undergo the same process as a rebuild but are also stripped back to bare metal and treated to fresh paint, powder coat or Cerakote* finish.

Brake master cylinders are rebuilt with new seals and springs and can also be refurbished in the same way as brake calipers.

I can supply EBC, ARMSTRONG or BRENTA brake pads and braided brake line kits for most motorcycles. Please call for prices and availability.

Send your calipers or master cylinder to me or I can arrange a collection via courier (please contact me for prices). Alternatively I can remove the components from your motorcycle for a rebuild or refurbishment. As part of this service the brakes will be fully bled with new fluid.