Wheel Building

I build WIRE SPOKED WHEELS, whether it’s restoring the wheels on your classic, repairing damage or building something bespoke for your special.

I can build the wheels for you once you have refinished the hubs yourself using your supplied parts or I can refurbish your hubs and rims by painting, powder coating or polishing them. I can supply stainless or galvanised, single gauge, single or double butted spokes and a wide range of rims. Prices start from £50, please call for a detailed quote. I can also convert your Honda comstar wheels to wire spoked wheels, please call for further details.

If you are going to dismantle your wheels yourself to refurbish them it is important that you take a few simple measurements first. It is important to ensure these measurements are accurate as your wheels will be built using these. Alternatively bring me your wheels before dismantling so that I can take these measurements.

CLICK HERE to see how to take wheel measurements.