Shock Absorbers

SHOCK ABSORBERS have a hard life and are often neglected. The oil will emulsify and seals and bushes wear. To keep your shock absorber working at its optimum performance it needs regular maintenance.

I will fully disassemble your shock absorber and inspect its component parts for damage and wear. Oil seals will be replaced and it will be refilled with fresh high grade oil. Any wear or damage found will be photographed and the images will be emailed along with a quote for the replacement parts for approval before any work is undertaken.

It is not always economically viable to repair a budget shock absorber, I offer a range of YSS, HAGON and K Tech Shock absorbers, these can be mailed to you or installed at my workshop in Lydd, Kent.

Send your shock absorber to me or I can arrange a collection via courier (please contact me for prices).

Alternatively I can remove the shock absorber from your motorcycle for a service or replacement. As part of this service I will inspect all the associated components and fully lubricate the linkage upon reassembly.