Telescopic Forks

The oil in your forks should be changed regularly as part of routine servicing but is often overlooked. Over time the oil will break down seriously reducing its effectiveness as both a damping agent and a lubricant.

I will fully disassemble your TELESCOPIC FORKS and inspect all components for damage and wear. Any damage or wear will be photographed and reported along with a quotation for the parts or repairs required before any work is undertaken.

Your forks will then be reassembled with new oil seals and the manufacturers recommended grade and quantity of oil.

I can supply and install upgraded cartridges, springs and cartridge emulators for many motorcycles, please contact me for availability and price for your machine.

Send your forks to me or I can arrange collection via a courier (please contact me for prices). Alternatively I can remove the forks from your motorcycle for a service or upgrade.